Equipping for disaster

Five Reasons Every Team Should Have a Redneck

By M.L. Lewis

Many people identify as being a redneck. It is a popular term in the rural and Southern regions of the United States.

When we say “Redneck” we usually think of a big heavy-set dumb guy named Bubba sipping beer in the back of a pickup truck wearing no shirt and blue overalls. This, unfortunately, is a very common stereotype of a redneck.

It’s because of this image that many people look down on rednecks when they should be embracing them and adapting their beliefs into the social norms of life today.

5. Good Outdoorsmen/women

Rednecks are commonly found in rural regions so they have a tendency to do a lot more outdoor activities then a city person, or what they say city slicker.

All the rednecks I know hunt and fish on a regular basis and can catch food much better than someone who was raised in the city with no exposure to the wilderness. Many are have become skilled trackers by the time they are 18 years old.

They also tend to do a lot of sleeping under the stars and learn many creativity camping techniques like building a lean-to three ways and constructing a bonfire from scratch on a rainy night.

4. Very Creative

Rednecks are always the first people to think outside the box. Google redneck inventions and you can see what I mean. I can get pretty jealous at what a redneck can build if given enough time and the right materials to do it. This kind of thriftiness can help benefit the group when supplies are scarce.

A Redneck friend of mine once told me “Give a Redneck a roll of duct tape, a tube of super glue, a bottle of WD-40, and a case of beer and we can build you a house by the end of the weekend.”

3. Horseback Riding

A notable skill to have in today’s society, even though it’s becoming obsolete, is how to ride a horse. The reason this skill is important is that when the government tries to halt the zombie spread it’ll release nuclear bombs on every major city.

This will, of course, set off a series of EMP bursts causing electronics to become useless. This includes all automatic transmission vehicles. So if you wish to travel you’ll need to know how to saddle and ride horses.

Many Rednecks participate in equestrian games and some know basic horse care, like mane grooming and shoeing. If you’re lucky you might even find one who owns a horse stable so you can become accustom to horses before the SHTF.

2. Animal Lovers

Besides horses, Rednecks own quite a bit of farm animals since many own ranches or farms of some kind. I’m sure your local ranch or farm would be glad to let you volunteer so you can get hands-on experience with handling animals. And, what ranch isn’t complete without a loyal animal herding dog?

Rednecks love their dogs more than they love themselves. Many claims their furry friends eat way better than them. Many have trained their dogs to assist around the farm or to help aid them in hunting make them a valuable apocalyptic team member.

1 Unyielding Loyalty to Loved Ones

Rednecks will do anything protect their families. They have the strongest family values and will stick by them no matter what. When the SHTF does happen they will do whatever it takes to protect the group and make sure everyone has there needs to meet.

They will set up the best security and will serve great as guards to the camp. If one of their own goes missing they will stop at nothing to bring them home alive or zombie.

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