Equipping for disaster

Duct tape: An essential survival tool

By Jake Sepulveda

When it comes to preparedness and survival, the importance of duct tape and other similar fasteners and materials cannot be overlooked.

Cost-effective, readily available, relatively lightweight, and incredibly versatile; duct tape can truly be a life saver. Perfect for securing gear and sealing off locations, this heavy-duty fastener earns its worth right away… but there is so much more that can be done with it. Used for bandages, tourniquets, repair kits for clothing and other gear, sealing broken windows, lashing down supplies, restraining Zombies, and much much more, quality-made duct tape is among the most versatile and effective materials available today.

Only in rare situations, such as the immediate creation of an emergency quarantine room, does an entire roll of duct tape come in handy. Rather than carting around a whole roll of tape in your Bug Out Bag, wrap a single length of 6-10 feet around a water bottle for easy storage. Pre-cutting the tape to standardized 1-2 foot lengths can also expedite the process of only removing what you need from the roll in an emergency or survival situation.

Keep in mind that with the invention of duct tape came a lot of cheap knock-off brands and materials. Always look for products with proven track records and quality builds. Typically speaking, the thicker the duct tape the better… and stay away from the Dollar Store stuff, it isn’t worth it at all.

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