Braaaiiinnnnssss!!! Zombie mugs turn the tables on the undead

With the premiere of “Return of the Living Dead” in 1985, zombies became linked with brain eating. The haunting moan of “braaaiinnnssss” has been heard in countless zombie movies since. But now a team of artists and craftsmen have come up with a novel product to allow humans to turn the tables and make a … Continue reading

Wesley Snipes “zombie” movie nearing release

The career of Wesley Snipes has certainly had its ups and downs, with one of the highest points being his vampire slayer “Blade.” Now, Snipes is preparing to return to battling the undead in “Gallowwalkers” set for release in the U.S. later this year. (It was released in the U.K. in October 2012) The film’s … Continue reading

New World War Z poster and trailer revealed

For years, fans waited for a film adaptation of the Max Brooks novel “World War Z” and after production problems and reshoots, they’ve had to wait even longer. Now, as we move closer to the summer blockbuster season, it appears that all systems are go and the film will finally reach theaters. A new trailer … Continue reading

Spoilers: The Walking Dead 316 “Welcome to the Tombs”

My, how time flies when you’re watching people fight for their lives. It’s hard to believe it, but we’re on the brink of another season finale for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Episode 315 “This Sorrowful Life” was Merle’s swan song and his moment of redemption. I always liked the Merle character, not because he was … Continue reading

Spirit Halloween asks “What’s in a name?”

Baby name books and websites are popular with parents-to-be, but they might not be what you need to win Spirit Halloween’s name the zombie baby contest. The New Jersey-based company, which deals in Halloween costumes and decorations, has for years created an annual line of zombie babies. This year, Spirit Halloween is offering its fans … Continue reading

Massive Walking Dead Spoiler: Major character to become zombie

As a reporter covering all things zombie, I spend the better part of my time trying to find zombie news. When I hear gossip and rumor, I do my best to track down the facts and get the story right. There are a couple of photos making their way around the web this week and … Continue reading

Spoilers: The Walking Dead 315 “This Sorrowful Life” sneak peek

With only two episodes left in season three, I think we can expect a lot of fireworks and action from AMC’s The Walking Dead. In the first clip we see a little conversation between Glenn and Daryl, who is trying to find a way to make things right between the group and his wayward brother … Continue reading

Australian zombie film gearing up for production

Travelers are often admonished not to drink the local water, but it’s not usually a matter of life and death. In the case of Waterborne, an Australian short film project, death is most certainly a possibility. Set in the rural farmlands, the movie takes place during a time of drought. “Years of environmental degradation have … Continue reading

Announcing the Walking Dead Dead Pool

With only three episodes left in The Walking Dead’s third season, we all know that someone is going to die. Series Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, who wrote the graphic novel the show is based on, has hinted in interviews that there will be at least one more big death. And, if the show’s history is … Continue reading