Are you prepared to be snowbound in your car?

Winter driving can be hazardous and in a worst-case scenario you might find yourself spun out and off the road. Being wedged in a snow bank ruin your day, but with a little planning and know how, it doesn’t have to end your life. If you do get stuck (before you go into the survival … Continue reading

Keep your fire on the down low with a Dakota Hole

For many outdoor enthusiasts, sitting next to a roaring campfire is a key part of the experience. However, in the coming zombie apocalypse you may not want anyone (living or undead) to see your fire. To that end, the recommended technique is to construct what is commonly referred to as a Dakota Hole. The Dakota … Continue reading

Saving seeds not a good investment

A penny saved is a penny earned, but saving seeds from the garden can be a questionable use of time and energy. “Saving one’s own garden seeds is a false sense of economy,” says University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist David Trinklein. “In the world of gardening, seeds are one of the least expensive costs, … Continue reading

Is your car winter ready?

If you travel in the winter, you need to make sure that your car is ready for the season. Finding yourself stuck in an icy pile up or wedged in a snow bank is the wrong time to start thinking about winterizing your vehicle. Check or have a mechanic check the following items on your … Continue reading

Plan ahead to survive in cold weather

While some might dream of a white Christmas, winter storms that bring ice and snow can cripple entire cities. Blackouts, impassible roads and lethally low temperatures are all possibilities that one must prepare for. Before winter approaches, add the following supplies to your emergency kit: Rock salt or more environmentally safe products to melt ice … Continue reading

Fresh vegetables are a winter option

Growing vegetables in containers can be both fun and challenging. Surprisingly, most vegetables do very well in containers, but it is important to pay attention to light, temperature, soil media, rooting space, plant selection, watering, feeding and pests. Most gardeners grow plants in containers if they do not have enough space for a regular garden. … Continue reading

Amazon terms of use agreement ends with zombies

Late last month Amazon released a new set of tools for developers called Lumberjack. Like most code for use in the development of apps and games, Amazon included a terms of use agreement with the release. Because Amazon doesn’t want to open itself up to unnecessary risk of liability, it restricts the code from being … Continue reading

U.K. group calls for ban on ‘zombie killer’ knives

The United Kingdom’s Local Government Association issued a call for the immediate ban of so-called “zombie killer” knives in a statement released Friday. According to the group, the horror-film inspired blades are sold as novelty collector items, but are being purchased by gangs for use in criminal activities. LGA points to a rise in knife … Continue reading

Proper handling and good sanitary practices will protect birds from diseases

Outbreaks of avian flu have small-flock poultry owners on high alert. Michigan State University Extension experts say that proper handling and good sanitary practices will protect birds from avian influenza and other diseases. “Biosecurity is not just for large farmers,” said Darrin Karcher, MSU Extension poultry specialist. “When it comes to keeping birds safe from … Continue reading