‘The Walking Dead’: Emily Kinney discusses the latest episode and Beth 2.0


OMG Zombies now available on Steam

Laughing Jackal announced that OMG Zombies – a port of their monstrously popular PS Vita puzzle-shooter, OMG HD Zombies – has been released on, priced at $4.99. OMG Zombies is the hugely addictive ‘kind-of-sequel’ to the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, ranked in Metacritic’s top 10 PSP games of all time and their #1 PSP Action game. … Continue reading

Zombie Tramp becomes Action Lab Entertainment’s first company funded series

Dan Mendoza’s grindhouse revenge series, Zombie Tramp, started it’s undead rise as a critically acclaimed independent title that recently saw new life at Action Lab Entertainment’s mature readers Danger Zone imprint. The Story follows Janey Bell, Hollywood’s most popular high-priced call girl, who through the machinations of her transvestite madam and a crooked LAPD sheriff … Continue reading

Wisconsin school to stage “Zombie Prom”

Boy meets girl, girl’s parents don’t approve, boy jumps into nuclear reactor, boy becomes zombie… all in the first ten minutes of the show! A hilarious twist on the classic 50s bad boy, good girl romance, Zombie Prom tells the story of a teenage zombie named Jonny as he struggles to be treated just like … Continue reading

Dying Light – Humanity trailer released

“Kill or be killed,” they say. But is that what you would do? Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Techland are asking that very question in the latest trailer for Dying Light. Doctors, teachers, fathers, sons…or so they were. But now they’ve lost the light behind their eyes, and are vicious monsters who become even more … Continue reading

‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln gives his take on the midseason premiere

Walking Dead joins team Coco

The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead made a guest appearance on Conan last night and the late night host’s cold opening featured him in full walker make-up. The FX work was done by none other than Greg Nicotero, special effects supervisor and executive produce for The Walking Dead. Conan also took the opportunity to … Continue reading

Norman Reedus to answer fan questions on Twitter

Fans of AMC’s hit zombie show “The Walking Dead” will once again be able to pose questions directly to Norman Reedus via Twitter during an event planned for Sunday. The series will return from its mid-season break with an all-new episode at 9 p.m. eastern time. The Twitter event is scheduled to take place immediately … Continue reading

Dead Drunk give away

Who’s ready to get their drunk on? Author Richard Johnson is planning a special eBook price (99 cents for a limited time) for his novel “Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse… One Beer at a Time,” but he’s giving five readers of Zombie Apocalypse Monthly an even better deal: FREE. Focusing on the aftermath of … Continue reading