Feudal Japan to rise again in zombie graphic novel

One of the great things about zombies in storytelling is that they can be placed inside nearly any other genre. A quick look at a list of zombie films from recent years will turn up zombie westerns, zombie gangs, zombie Nazis and even zombie strippers. In the upcoming graphic novel “Shogun Rising,” the zombie apocalypse … Continue reading

Zombie Research Society spreads undead awareness

May is Zombie Awareness Month and one organization stands at the forefront of preparing the world for the oncoming zombie apocalypse. The Zombie Research Society is the brainchild of Matt Mogk, an author who has come to be known as one of the world’s leading experts on zombies. Mogk said the society grew from his … Continue reading

Film to pit pro wrestlers against zombies

Zombie films and professional wrestling have both been accused of sensationalizing blood and violence, and now the two genres are forming a tag team of sorts with the arrival of the new movie “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.” The film comes from the mind of writer/director Cody Knotts who bills himself as a modern-day renaissance man. … Continue reading

Zombieland comes to Amazon

Fans of AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead are likely now in the grips of withdrawal, having gone weeks without their weekly fix of the undead. Fortunately for them, there may be an alternative. Starting today, Amazon is allowing fans to view its new series “Zombieland” for free. The series is based on the film … Continue reading

The dead rise in Glasgow

When you’re a writer, you never know when or where inspiration will strike. For Jenny Thomson, the idea for her zombie novel “Dead Bastards” came while she was actually writing a different story. “This image came into my head of a man turning up at his friend’s door looking like he’d been mugged. Only when … Continue reading

Filmmaker Jesús “Jess” Franco dies in Spain

Earlier this week Jesús “Jess” Franco, Spanish filmmaker, died of as yet unannounced causes at the age of 82. While the majority of his work was pornographic in nature, he was known to zombie aficionados for several films in the genre. In “A Virgin Among the Living Dead,” released in 1973, a young woman returns … Continue reading

Actress: Andrea was not a victim

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead’s season finale, stop reading now. In an extreme example of irony in action, the two characters who most believed in the goodness of human nature ended up killing each other in the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. AMC promised a death toll of nearly … Continue reading