State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Builds a Bigger Zombie Apocalypse

State of Decay was one of the gaming highlights of 2013 (and much of 2014). A persistent, open-world zombie survival game, with base-building, resource management, and perma-death? Heck yes! It was unique and addictive – the kind of game that is different for every player, yet with a cohesive, universal feeling and message. And soon, … Continue reading

Nerf adding to its zombie strike line

The fine folks over at Nerdist have revealed Nerf’s latest entry into its Zombie Strike line and it is pure beastmode. According to Nerdist: Looking like a modified M23 Grenade Launcher, the Doominator has four revolving dart drums that hold 24 darts It looks like the rotating drums use the same rotation mechanic developed for … Continue reading

Second Walking Dead trailer released

The folks over at AMC are preparing for the return of their most popular show ever. That’s right zombie fans, The Walking Dead rises from the mid-season grave on Feb. 8. The first trailer was a teaser, showing only the cast firing off round after round into a dense foggy smoke. There wasn’t much substance … Continue reading

Techland gearing up for Dying Light release

With the release of Dying Light about a week away, Techland has released 2 mini assets that will bring players all the bit closer to the devastated world they will soon be thrown into., the official website of the Dying Light city has been hacked form the inside. Survivors are trapped inside and the … Continue reading

Return of the Living Deadpool coming this February

Prepare for pools full of undead Deadpools as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #1 shambles in to comic shops this February! Blockbuster writer Cullen Bunn (Magneto, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe) joins Marvel newcomer Nik Virella take you to a world overrun with undead Deadpools – each with a snarky mouth of its own. To … Continue reading

New zombie book for kids enters the field

While not the most popular section of zombie fiction, titles aimed at children are an actual thing; the latest of these being The Little Zombie That Stood by author/illustrator Floyd Orfield. The Little Zombie That Stood is a loveable undead character that teaches young minds the importance of doing what is right, even if others … Continue reading

‘Zombie With A Shotgun’ gets new movie poster

Living with a deadly disease is hard, not only for the person, but for the ones they love. That premise is at the heart of Zombie With A Shotgun, the web series developed by Hilton Ariel Ruiz. The idea for the series grew from his experiences as a New Yorker living in the fear and … Continue reading

iZombie set to air on the CW

Adapting comic books for television seems to be what the CW does best these days, but offering up well-known superheros like Green Arrow and The Flash is one thing and telling the story of a newly undead zombie girl trying to make her way in the world is quite another. The CW will do the … Continue reading

Review: Izhmash/Russian American Armory Saiga 12 Tactical

By Blaise Uriarte The Basics: The Saiga 12 was originally designed at Izhmash with input from Mikhail Kalashnikov to be a semi-automatic sporting shotgun. It is a piston operated gun based off the basic Kalashnikov design, with a rotating bolt and feeding from a detachable box magazine. It does differ from the standard design by … Continue reading