Zombie Apocalypse Monthly is a digital magazine currently available for download at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/402136

We strive to cover zombie theory, zombies in popular culture and practical preparations for a potential zombie apocalypse.

Our contributors

Chris Post/Writer & Editor
Capt. Chris Post is a squadron safety officer with the United States Air Force Auxiliary. In addition to training in emergency response and disaster preparedness, he has engaged in extensive research on the theoretical science behind the modern zombie since 2010.

Blaise Uriarte/Firearms reviewer
Blaise Uriarte is a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and a trained gunsmith. He has been working on guns for over ten years now, and his expertise spans from modern sporting rifles to antique weaponry, and everything in between.

M.L. Lewis/Reporter
M.L. has done avid research in virology and studied multiple viruses known for causing zombie-like behavior. She also studied Disaster Preparedness/Pandemic Studies at the Independent FEMA studies courses online.

Jake Sepulveda/Reporter
Responsible for much of the original content at zombease.com, from the Official Zombease Guides, to the DIY or Die Trying articles, blog posts, and everything in between; Jake is a go-to-guy for zombie trivia, facts, science, survival tips, research, etc.

Andrew Wells/Film Critic
Andrew is a professionally trained actor and stage director. He has been critiquing film since Mr. Lucas released the first of his “Star Wars” prequels in 1999.
His reviews can be read at http://apennyinthewell.blogspot.com/

Mikey Taylor/Reporter
Mikey is a zombie film aficionado, host of a zombie podcast and global chapter leader for the Zombie Research Society. When not doing zombie things, he teaches the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido as a 5th degree black belt with his own dojo.

Chase Burgess/Video Game reviewer
Chase Burgess is an avid gamer and lover of zombies. He has been playing video games of all genres since the release of the first PlayStation. He specializes in PlayStation and PC games.

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