Spoilers: The Walking Dead changing its walkers?

One of the things that has defined AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead has been its traditional Romero-style zombies. However, we’ve seen some indications that a change could be in store for the upcoming Season 4. The first clue has come from comments made from Producer Gale Anne Hurd. On several occasions, Hurd has said … Continue reading

A look at World War Z’s movie posters

It’s just over three weeks until the release of Brad Pitt’s version of World War Z and yet another movie poster has been released. Here’s a look back at the posters we’ve seen so far.

Spoiler: More Walking Dead set pics emerge

If you’re like us, then you can’t wait for The Walking Dead’s fourth season to start. Unfortunately, it’s still five months until October. To make things worse, there has been very little in the way of spoilers leaking onto the web. We have managed to snag more pics from the set, but they aren’t very … Continue reading

Zombease Bug Out Bag Checklist

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Launches Worldwide on Facebook

Fans of the insanely popular Plants vs. Zombies game now have a new way to while away the time on Facebook with the launch of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The game, released this week by PopCap Games, is the first social adaptation of the undead franchise and offers an ever-expanding world of new plants and … Continue reading

Spoiler: Walking Dead deleted scene revealed

We can’t confirm that it will be included in the DVD/Blue Ray release of The Walking Dead season 3, but we’ve gotten a pair of photos from a deleted scene featuring a certain zombie character taking a bite out of a former friend. According to Dallas Roberts, who plays Milton, the Season 3 finale actually … Continue reading

Z.O.V. will put viewers inside the apocalypse

If the Z.O.V. film project comes to fruition, it will be a unique experience in zombie film history. For the first time filmgoers will watch the movie as though they are part of the action. Rob Graydon, TITLE, said Z.O.V. tells the story of five people trapped in a bunker in an underground lab (Z.O.V. … Continue reading

Brooks: WWZ movie is not the book

It’s no secret that things have been bumpy almost from the start for Brad Pitt’s zombie blockbuster “World War Z.” It doesn’t appear that things are getting any easier as the film heads toward its release. The shooting of the film, which relies on CGI for a new type of “swarming” zombie, was plagued with … Continue reading

FX artist bites into zombie films

Michele Mulkey may not be a household name, but chances are you’ve seen some of her work. Her credits for make-up effects and prop design include such films as Chronicles of Riddick, Seed of Chucky and Sin City. Despite having been in the FX field for more than a decade, Mulkey is just now working … Continue reading