Fight zombies with fire? I don’t think so!

A number of resources discussing weapons for use during an apocalypse mention Molotov cocktails and I’ve even seen them mentioned in a number of zombie forums as well. A sneak peek image from the upcoming episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead (Episode 312 “Clear”) brought this topic to mind once more. For those that know, … Continue reading

Catching up with Karen Cooper and Sheriff McClelland

By Mikey Taylor In 1968 George A Romero invented a genre. The modern zombie was born when Night of the Living Dead hit theaters. Movie goers were terrified at this new monster that had been laid before them. People covered their eyes, people panicked, they even walked out because the terror on the screen was … Continue reading

Author uses law enforcement experience for zombie novel

Many zombie fans sit around and talk about what they would do if a zombie outbreak were to happen in their town. For D.A. Roberts, one such discussion was the genesis of his novel “Ragnarok Rising.” Roberts works as a corrections officer for his hometown sheriff’s department and said it was during a coffee break … Continue reading

Spoilers: Walking Dead 312

So, you’re about to go to war with an overpowering enemy. You’ve just buried yet another of your team members. Everyone is stressed and tired. What do you do? ROAD TRIP! At least that appears to be the plan for members of Team Prison on next week’s episode of The Walking Dead. The episode, titled … Continue reading

Giveaway: Take our basic survival course for free!

The combined followers of our Facebook, Twitter and website now total more than 3,000 people! To celebrate we’re going to give 3 people the opportunity to take our basic prepper class for FREE! To enter all you have to do is tell us why we should choose you. You can leave us a message at … Continue reading

Indie filmmakers bring zombies to YouTube

If you were in a group of aspiring filmmakers setting out to create a new and exciting web series, what would be your first choice for a subject? If you’re the creative forces behind Box O’ Markers Productions, it’s zombies. The group was founded on legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s quote that “the internet is the … Continue reading

Spoilers: Walking Dead 311 — What would you do with Merle Dixon?

Some new Walking Dead preview pics have made their way to the web and it seems like episode 311 finds Merle back on Team Prison. A previously released teaser clip showed Merle in cell talking with Herschel, but the pics show Merle taking up arms in the prison yard. This brings up an interesting question: … Continue reading

Dead Men Talking: Podcasting the Dead

It seems like everywhere you turn, zombies are popping up. The Internet is no different and Wicked Radio Network, an online community of bloggers and podcasters, is home to one of the web’s best zombie podcasts. Dead Men Talking is the brainchild of Frank Branches, Rick Titus and Matt LeRoy and covers the gamut of … Continue reading

Spoilers: Just how crazy is crazy?

The Internet buzz around the Walking Dead this season seems to revolve heavily around Rick and his struggles with sanity. That’s fair given that Team Prison’s leader seems to be running for Mayor of Crazy Town. A recently released segment from AMC delves into the madness which actor Andrew Lincoln attributes largely to the loss … Continue reading