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Netflix goes off the Santa Clarita Diet

By Sevanny Campos

Almost immediately after the third season was released, Netflix, the streaming giant, has called it a day with Santa Clarita Diet. There will not be a fourth season of the show.

The show followed suburban couple Sheila and Joel, who sell real estate in the Santa Clarita area, when all of a sudden Sheila projectile vomits all over a model home. This lead to her husband, after some research, to finding out his wife is undead. Hilarity ensues in the story line as they couple tries to maintain their humanity and morality while trying to navigate Sheila’s growing diet of human flesh.  

The show is a bit ridiculous, but it is also endearing and it displays the genuine love the couple has for one another.

“The world had never known a ‘zom-com’ until Santa Clarita Diet, and we’re indebted to creator Victor Fresco for bringing this idea to Netflix,” the Internet network said in a statement. “To their endless credit, the incredible Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant were totally game, with an uncanny knack for comedy that brought Sheila and Joel Hammond to vibrant life, even though one of them was undead.”

This is just another series, Netflix is cancelling, the others being One Day At a Time. Both shows have high scores on Rotten Tomatoes with the third season of Santa Clarita Diet receiving a 100 percent.

To see the last season with Joel and Sheila head to Netflix to catch all three seasons of the dark comedy.

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