Zombie apocalypse would wipe out humankind in just 100 days, students calculate

A real-life zombie outbreak would leave the world’s population in shambles, with less than 300 survivors remaining a mere one hundred days into the apocalypse, according to students from the University of Leicester. Assuming that a zombie can find one person each day, with a 90 per cent chance of infecting victims with the zombie … Continue reading

Andrea: The Walking Dead’s least valuable player?

Like half the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Andrea was nowhere to be seen in the mini-movie that was episode 312, “Clear.” That means we’ve had to wait a little longer to see why she didn’t follow through on Carol’s “love ’em and cleave ’em” plan. When we last saw Andrea she was staring … Continue reading

Game brings adventures in the zombie apocalypse

Surviving in a zombie apocalypse will be anything but a game. In the meantime, however, developers are hard at work coming up with all sorts of games making use of zombies. Among them is John Martinez, known as Johnnie Zombie to his fans. Martinez is the creative force behind “Zombie Adventure,” a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game … Continue reading

Calorie intake key to apocalypse survival

Something many people fail to consider when making their zombie apocalypse plans is that you can starve even when you’re eating. This happens when your caloric intake falls too far below what you are burning. Let’s say all the easily obtainable gasoline is gone and you’re forced to hike while you carry your world on … Continue reading

BBC set to air zombie mini-series

British fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” who have to wait nearly a week to see episodes of the show after they air in the United States, will be able to enjoy some home grown zombie television with the release of “In the Flesh.” The three-part miniseries written by Dominic Mitchell takes place after the … Continue reading

Author uses law enforcement experience for zombie novel

Many zombie fans sit around and talk about what they would do if a zombie outbreak were to happen in their town. For D.A. Roberts, one such discussion was the genesis of his novel “Ragnarok Rising.” Roberts works as a corrections officer for his hometown sheriff’s department and said it was during a coffee break … Continue reading

Indie filmmakers bring zombies to YouTube

If you were in a group of aspiring filmmakers setting out to create a new and exciting web series, what would be your first choice for a subject? If you’re the creative forces behind Box O’ Markers Productions, it’s zombies. The group was founded on legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s quote that “the internet is the … Continue reading

Dead Men Talking: Podcasting the Dead

It seems like everywhere you turn, zombies are popping up. The Internet is no different and Wicked Radio Network, an online community of bloggers and podcasters, is home to one of the web’s best zombie podcasts. Dead Men Talking is the brainchild of Frank Branches, Rick Titus and Matt LeRoy and covers the gamut of … Continue reading

Basic apocalypse water filtration

Living in a modern industrial world, we tend to take water for granted. But we must not forget that it is the most essential component in long-term disaster survival. What is a person to do if the public water supply goes down? The simple answer is clean your water or risk death. There are a … Continue reading