Spoiler: Main TWD character returns as a zombie?

We’ve seen a photo floating around which supposedly shows a Season 4 walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Judging from the production values of the zombie make-up, costuming and photography, we’d be inclined to believe that it is the real deal. What we don’t buy is the accompanying rumor that the zombie is none other … Continue reading

Weary veteran finds new life in Kennett’s “COR: Genesis”

Author RJ Kennett knew he was going to write a zombie novel, but what he had in mind at the start wasn’t what he created. Kennett, whose novel “Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” is available through Amazon, had an outline and a background story for the main character. As a writing exercise, he decided to script … Continue reading

Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack invades iTunes

Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, has launched the next in a series of iOS titles by releasing Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack. Gabrielle and the whole Monsterville crew are relying on their brain power to get rid of the new undead menace on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The game is available … Continue reading

Kirkman discusses writing for two Walking Dead worlds

Being the creative mind behind one of television’s most popular shows has benefits, but also comes with some unexpected drawbacks. Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead comic and an executive producer and writer for the AMC television adaptation, spoke about both recently. One of the biggest perks is the recognition he gets from fans, … Continue reading

Zombie B.C. would explore zombie plague at the dawn of man

Zombie B.C. is an upcoming, fully colored comic created by Stephen Vold. This 30 page comic will be part one of a projected three part comic series, spanning multiple eras of human existence. The tone is dark, gritty, and of course packed with hoards of zombies. Don’t expect any family friendly reading out of this … Continue reading

Zombie Bird lurches to life on iPhone and Android

Independent game and app developer Selectsoft has announced the release of Zombie Bird: Attack of the Flying Vampire Shark Monsters, a new flying game for iPhone and Android. Featuring easy controls, amusing visuals and addictive gameplay, Zombie Bird is a “tap and fly” game that features a little zombie bird named Lars on a quest … Continue reading

West of Hell to perform “zombie-themed” show at Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver

Vancouver, West of Hell, featuring vocalist Chris Valagao of Zimmers Hole, have announced that their Sept. 7 Vancouver show at Rickshaw Theatre will be zombie-themed in celebration of the band’s recent music video for “Water of Sorcery”. Marking the band’s only appearance in Vancouver in 2013, the band will perform in full professional zombie make-up with special … Continue reading

Super Zero celebrates the average guy, seeks funding

If fervor and preparedness were enough to make a film in Hollywood, viewers in movie theaters across the country would already be enjoying Mitch Cohen’s original film, “Super Zero.” However, since the one thing it does take to make a film is money, Cohen, a 36-year-old L.A.-based writer and director, recently launched a campaign … Continue reading

Abigail Breslin to play zombie in Schwarzenegger film

In Zombieland, Abigail Breslin teamed up with a ragtag family of post-apocalyptic oddballs to fend off the ongoing zombie apocalypse. In Maggie, she’ll take part in another zombie apocalypse by becoming one of the undead. The 17-year-old actress has entered talks to play the title role in the film, which cast Arnold Schwarzenegger last month … Continue reading