We’re in this together: Group dynamics in disaster scenarios

Whether it’s George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead” or AMC’s ratings juggernaut “The Walking Dead,” there is a common element in zombie apocalypse fiction and that’s the fact that people survive better in groups, but not all groups work. The reason some groups do better than other is largely due to organization. An … Continue reading

Are you prepared to be snowbound in your car?

Winter driving can be hazardous and in a worst-case scenario you might find yourself spun out and off the road. Being wedged in a snow bank ruin your day, but with a little planning and know how, it doesn’t have to end your life. If you do get stuck (before you go into the survival … Continue reading

Zombie game highlights role of technology for the trucking industry

Omnitracs, LLC, a software company offering fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, recently launched a new web-based game called Zombie Dispatch, designed to recognize the important role of trucking and truck drivers in our economy as well as illustrate technologies and solutions to help fleets be more efficient, and easing the burden on … Continue reading

Writer resurrects zombie novel three decades after setting it aside

Originally conceived in the 1980’s, BARKERTON, from Day Rusk, explores the dark side of human nature and racism using the Zombie genre, while at the same time offering up the thrills, blood, gore and drama that fans have come to know and love. The DEAD have risen…and they’re as confused as the LIVING! Things had … Continue reading

Keep your fire on the down low with a Dakota Hole

For many outdoor enthusiasts, sitting next to a roaring campfire is a key part of the experience. However, in the coming zombie apocalypse you may not want anyone (living or undead) to see your fire. To that end, the recommended technique is to construct what is commonly referred to as a Dakota Hole. The Dakota … Continue reading

The Walking Dead returns in one month

  Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead has been a tough one for both the characters and their fans. Right off the bat, fans said goodbye to not one, but two characters from Alexandria. Fan-favorite Glenn (one of the few remaining season 1 survivors) was expected by many to die as this was the … Continue reading

Zombies coming to 2 Broke Girls

Zombie fans with nothing to watch on Monday Jan. 16, might want to check out 2 Broke Girls on CBS. The sitcom features the main characters cast as zombie extras in an episode titled “And the Stalking Dead.” According to a CBS press release: Max and Caroline get their big break when they’re cast as … Continue reading

The basics of disaster preparedness

Take a look around your home and you’ll see all the things that make life comfortable. Furniture, your phone, the television, the fridge. But what would you do in an emergency? What if there was no power? If your home was in the path of a tornado? If the dead began to rise from their … Continue reading

New Year, new Zombie Tramp art

Fans of artist Bill McKay’s Zombie Tramp character got a treat this week when the comic book creator took to Twitter to preview some special artwork. McKay, who will be appearing at Wizard New Orleans this weekend, offered his followers a look at Zombie Tramp’s New Year’s Eve special edition. According to the tweet, the … Continue reading