Apocalypse healthcare

Coffee: Nature’s energy boost

By Jake Sepulveda

Disasters often leave survivors physically and mentally exhausted. This can lead to restless nights and rough mornings as you try to get going again to face the day. And while you might not always have the time or equipment needed to make a hot cup of Joe, there are other ways to get your caffeine fix and get you going.

Chowing down on a spoonful of coffee grounds or a few roasted beans is a safe and fairly efficient way to getting a shot of caffeine when you need it most. The same can be said for sucking on a bag of caffeinated tea. While neither of those options are particularly tasty for the tongue, they can provide an energy boost in times of need. But watch your doses and don’t over do it. An excess of caffeine can cause heart palpitations, confusion, headaches, and even shortness of breath.

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