Equipping for disaster

Survival Uses For Tin Cans


Tin CanPeople need to be creative to survive. There’s no telling what we’ll have or where we’ll be, but with forward thinking, adaptability and creativity, you just might last a little longer. Without digging deep and discovering new uses for what much of the world calls waste, we might as well say our goodbyes now. As survivors, thinking outside the box can guide both you and the world around you into a sustainable and once-again livable place.

When it comes to making do with what you have at hand, sometimes it’s the little things in life that allow us to survive disasters, prepare for the unknown or guide ourselves towards self-sufficiency. And, whether you’re dealing with disaster, oncoming threats or just trying to get off the grid, rooting through the recycling might be a better idea than you’d think.

Tin cans, the ever-present and sometimes irritatingly hard-to-open home of many foodstuffs…

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