Equipping for disaster

Eye spy: Stay on the look out

By Jake Sepulveda

“He could hear the horde approaching from all sides, stumbling step by step with broken and battered limbs. They numbered in the hundreds… if only he had seen them sooner.”

Binoculars and scopes are “don’t leave home without them” tools that many people forget or never even think of. But if you plan on venturing out into the world after a Zombie outbreak or other major disaster, you had better have a pair on hand. Having the ability to clearly see incoming threats is kind of like looking into the future. Binoculars, scopes, and other spotting devices can give you the precious moments you need to escape an oncoming threat, alert you to the location of much needed supplies and safe havens, warn you of rough terrain, and give you an overall view of your surrounding area.

While scouting and early warnings might be their primary purpose, binoculars offer other, non-sight-based advantages as well. Removing a lens supplies you with a lightweight 100% reusable fire starter, the strap can be used as a tourniquet or emergency cordage, and even shards of the metal or plastic housing will work for making small bladed tools/weapons.

Get a pair of binoculars or a simple scope and keep them in your Bug Out Bag… it’d be a shame to be without them when there are Zombies on the horizon.

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