Zombie television

“The Walking Dead” co-creater fires back at Bevin

By Dakota Cantwell

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin recently blamed “The Walking Dead” and other zombie television shows for the violence and mass shooting problems in America.

Tony Moore, a Marvel artist and co-creator of “The Walking Dead’ fired back online writing that “This line didn’t fly in the ‘80s when Tipper Gore tried it, and it doesn’t fly with me now.”

Moore wrote, in a post on his blog, about his childhood growing up and how much of an influence different types of media and entertainment had on his creative abilities.

Moore found Bevin’s words to be personally wounding. Moore writes “Bevin’s words paint fandom as a degenerate sensibility, when I have only ever known kindness and generosity from them.”

With the country divided, Moore finds it strange that Bevin would blame his creation for society’s problems.

“These stories, as many others in the genre, are generally viewed as being about the strength of the human spirit in the face of phenomenally bleak circumstances,” Moore wrote. “I think this is ultimately why they resonate with people so much.”

Moore added “If he wants to talk about a culture of death, perhaps Governor Bevin should inspect his record on dialing back Medicaid expansion to thousands of vulnerable Kentuckians, or cutting worker safety regulations and union protections in the state, likely in response to the violations his own family’s bell factory incurred.”

To date, Bevin has not responded to the post calling Bevin’s focus on the almighty dollar and not the people of Kentucky.

To end his post, Moore wrote “So, if Governor Bevin wants to point the finger at simple escapism, at stories that celebrate survival and hope, that celebrate LIFE, and denounce them as the cause of violence, perhaps he needs to have a good long look in the mirror to see what the face of a culture celebrating death truly looks like.”

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  1. They are both assholes but I believe Moore is the bigger asshole. When you live in a make believe comic book you don’t know how the real world works. Shut it idiot. Oh, and your show sucks as hard as you.

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