Apocalypse healthcare

Dried Fruit: The Perfect Apocalypse Snack

By Jake Sepulveda

Dried fruits and berries are great survival and preparedness foods. They have long shelf lives, contain important nutrients and vitamins needed for survival, are relatively light in weight, and fairly cost-effective…especially if you make them at home.

Snacking on just a handful of dried fruits and/or berries while you’re trying to stay one step ahead of Zombies, or even bogged down in a bunker somewhere, can go a long way to taking care of hunger pangs and adding a little pep to you step.

While dried foods are almost always a great go to, don’t go overboard on this sweet snack. Too many fruits and berries can give you stomach upset and you might end up getting caught in a squat.

Nutrients from foods are most easily absorbed when they are properly broken down by chewing. So don’t just cram a handful of this stuff into your mouth and choke it down. Taking to the time properly chew it will release more vitamins and minerals into your blood stream, giving you more energy and reward for the meal…plus you’ll limit the risk of choking.

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