Equipping for disaster

Build your survival team: Know They Neighbor

By Jake Sepulveda

One of the best things you can have during a Zombie Outbreak or disaster situation is backup.

Getting to know your neighbors is a great way to grow your emergency backup network. You’d be surprised how far saying “hello” to someone can get you, but that is just the first step. Organize hang-outs and barbeques, offer to help if something needs fixing or your neighbors appear in need. Always be kind courteous and thoughtful…even if they aren’t.

The goal is to build a positive reputation and network with as many people in your surrounding area as possible…without divulging your secret Zombie survival plan. You want these people on your side, though not necessarily in your basement.

Should your home collapse or fall under siege by a horde of Zombies, or maybe you just need some help setting up your solar array, either way good neighbors make great backup…and if worse comes to worse, you’ve got some fresh Zombie bait, you know, should the need arise…

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