Equipping for disaster

Book review: Bushcraft First Aid

By Dakota Cantwell

bushcraft-first-aid-2One thing to consider with the potential of a zombie apocalypse looming over is what do you need to know. Bushcraft is often a place that preppers of any kind turn to because Bushcraft, at its core, is a way to survive outside of the comforts of civilization.

One place that can be considered in the top tier of importance is first aid. While there are a lot of first aid book out there containing plenty of information about how to properly care for injuries, “Bushcraft First Aid” is one that is designed with outdoorsmen and preppers in mind by being a book designed for handling injuries while in the wilderness and off the grid.

“Bushcraft First Aid” was by Dave Canterbury, the New York Times Bestselling Author of “Bushcraft 101”, and Jason A. Hunt, a nationally certified wilderness emergency care instructor trainer.

Together these two have created an easy to follow, detailed guide to emergency care in the wilderness. Covering emergency care from sizing up the scene to a myriad of different treatments for illnesses including bleeding, brakes and blisters, the information found in this book is comparable to that of many books used in instrutor lead first aid classes. This book also includes a section in the beginning about the basics of survival skills that go over Canterbury’s 10 c’s or the ten things that any outdoorsman should always carry with them.

The way “Bushcraft First Aid” is written makes for a quick read with this book and it’s table of contents easily divides the book into sections that allows for quick use should an emergency arrive.

What helps set this first aid guide from many others is a section that goes over the basics of plant medicine in a variety of situations and condition. This section also includes full color pictures of some of the more common plants so they can be more easily identified.

Over all, Canterbury and Hunt’s book is a great read full of quality information for anyone looking to be prepared for an emergency when they find themselves outside of civilization or surviving after the fall of it.

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