Equipping for disaster

Lights out for survival safety

By Jake Sepulveda

You are not a lighthouse, so stop pretending to be.

With the possibility of an unknown number of Zombies and/or bandits roaming the streets and countryside after a Zombie outbreak, you’ll have to be extra careful with anything that might give away your location…including light pollution.

Fortunately for those of us without night-vision goggles or a supernatural ability to see in the dark, there is an alternative to turning out the lights…it’s known as blacking out windows.

While blacking out windows isn’t a foolproof method for keeping your location under-wraps, it can go a long way to getting you there. Combined with limited use of bright lights at night, and careful control of sound, a location with blacked out windows can virtually disappear from the map.

So, turn off the lights, black out windows, keep your sound down, and you’ll be one step closer to surviving a Zombie outbreak.

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