Equipping for disaster

Top 5 professions to have on your zombie apocalypse team

The survivors in zombie apocalypse shows like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us come from diverse backgrounds, with previous jobs including everything from lawyers to pizza delivery drivers. But what present-day professions would be best prepared for a future where the world is overrun with the living dead? Here are our Top 5 choices.

Farmers: Food will be a critical resource during a zombie apocalypse, and those who can grow their own food will have a significant advantage. Farmers will have the skills and knowledge to grow crops, raise animals, and harvest food.

Medical professionals: Injuries and illnesses will be a common occurrence during a zombie apocalypse, and medical professionals will be in high demand. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will have the knowledge and skills to treat injuries and illnesses and potentially develop cures or vaccines.

Engineers: Engineers can create and repair essential infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities, power plants, and transportation systems. They may also be able to develop new technologies and weapons to defend against zombies.

Carpenter/Builder: Carpenters/Builders will be essential for constructing shelters and fortifications. They have the skills and knowledge to build structures that can withstand attacks and protect against the elements.

Soldier/Police officer: In a world where zombies are a constant threat, those with military or law enforcement training may have a significant advantage. They will have the skills to defend themselves and others and the ability to strategize and plan for attacks.

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