Equipping for disaster

Prepper readies for the apocalypse with underground ‘ark’

By Margot Allemand

Although a zombie apocalypse may not rise tomorrow, a nuclear war, on the other hand, has a lot more probability to happen. So what would you do if that was to happen in a near future you may ask? Well, I don’t know but Bruce Beach got a plan.

Beach, who lives in Ontario, Canada, has spent the last 50 years creating an underground shelter called “ARK TWO.” Some people might say he is crazy, but Beach did not come up with this project in one day.

It was during the Cold War that Beach starting to think about ways to stay safe during this complicated era and this is how he started to get into survivalism. Beach used to live in the city of Chicago, but decided that in case of an apocalypse or a nuclear war it would be wiser to go somewhere more rural.

“I am an optimist about the long-term future of mankind but a pessimist about the immediate future, particularly at this millennialist point,” Beach wrote on his website.

bcropBeach moved to the little town of Horning’s Mills, near Toronto where he decided to build his own bunker. He then bought 42 buses which he has put underground underneath concrete to create his base for what is now North America’s largest nuclear fallout shelter.

The shelter can take in about 400 people and is about 10,000 square feet. You may wonder what is inside those buses. Well, Beach has created classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms with actual water coming out, and bedrooms with bunk beds. The bunker even has a “decontamination room” which people would enter first in case of a nuclear event.

Even though Beach is often described as “insane,” he is actually really smart. As a matterinside of fact, for many years, Beach was a computer science professor at different colleges in the United States. He used his background as an electrical engineer and military soldier to create the shelter, but also to guide his volunteers to build a bunker that could support itself.

Beach has also created the Ark Two Community, with a goal to “ameliorate the effects of a Nuclear War and to help restore society afterward.” Although the government and local officials are not in favor of this project, Beach went beyond just building a shelter; he also created many educational programs.

The Ark Two Community has been running survival education programs in which Beach helps people with radiological monitoring, KI information and support, agricultural and economic recovery, refuge maps, information broadcast, family finding, and social restoration.

If you are interested in survival tips or just intrigued by Bruce Beach you can learn more at http://www.webpal.org where you can find free courses to learn about local economic recovery as well as more in depth information about overall survivalism.

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