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Z Nation appears to hit production snag

Fans of the SyFy channel’s zombie show Z Nation might find themselves waiting a little longer for the upcoming fifth season. In a recent announcement, the Screen Actors Guild has called on its members to stop working on the show.

The guild issued the following notice to its members: “Please be advised that GO2 Z 5, LLC., the producer of the Basic Cable Television series Z Nation has not completed the signatory process by failing to provide adequate financial assurances. As such, SAG-AFTRA members are hereby instructed to withhold any acting services for this production until further notice. Please note, accepting employment or rendering services on Z Nation may be considered a violation of Global Rule One.”

Z Nation held a casting call for zombie extras earlier this month. In addition to these actors, the show’s principal cast members are SAG-AFTRA members and would be affected.

Series lead Kellita Smith took to Twitter to address the issue, telling fans that she was confident the issue would be resolved.

In an interview with the Spokane Spokesman-Review, Rik Deskin, the president of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle office, said the issue stems from the production company’s failure to pay actors residuals due them for work on two seasons of Z Nation.

Deskin idicated to the paper that work was set to begin on week five, but the schedule will be delayed until the matter is sorted out.

“I expect that things will be resolved this week,” Deskin said. “I will be very surprised if they don’t resolve things.”



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