Apocalypse healthcare

Don’t forget to take your vitamins

By Jake Sepulveda

Getting enough vitamins and minerals to remain healthy can be difficult during times of economic collapse or in the aftermath of a disaster like a large scale Zombie outbreak, major earthquake, or other similarly devastating situations.

While some vitamins can be expensive or hard to track down, most multivitamins and basics like vitamins C, D, B-Complex, E and K boast an impressive shelf life of up to 5 years or more, making them a great investment for anyone looking to be a little more prepared. Both capsule and coated vitamins keep best in cool dry places (not your bathroom, refrigerator, or under the sink).

If properly equipped with a well-stocked supply you can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need – whether you’re hiding out at home or out on the run during a Zombie outbreak.

Just like anything, vitamins should be taken in moderation. Too much of even the good stuff flowing through your system can cause nausea, exhaustion, upset stomach, and cramps. So, just like any consumable, don’t over do it or you’ll regret it later. And keep in mind that vitamins are a supplement to regular meals, not a replacement.

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