Zombie television

Walking Dead set photos emerge


Dch2TgoX4AgxMZsPhotos from the set of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead have been making their way around social media. The show is currently in the early stages of filming its ninth season and from the looks of things, Rick and company are going low-tech.

Most of the images show the cast on horseback or in DcXjBj2U8AE4XzIwagons. In addition, Rick has a new weapon. Seeming to take a cue from Negan, Rick has opted for a wooden mace of the type favored by medieval soldiers. Not everyone is opting for equestrian transportation, however. Daryl, who still has his crossbow, is seen riding on a new motorcycle.

DcXjBj3UQAErYw0To date, no plot points have emerged, so fans of the show will just have to judge from the images where the story is going. One clue is DcqxOvFV0AMQ9L3that the episode is directed by executive producer and special effects expert Greg Nicotero, which usually indicates that there will be some awesome zombies.

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