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Zombie-themed restaurant serves up monstrously good meals

By Margot Allemand
A week ago I volunteered myself to travel to Des Moines to try out the “Zombie Restaurant” that everyone has been telling us about and I was not disappointed. “Zombie Burger + Drink Lab” offers “goremet” burgers and a variety of shakes in a zombie theme restaurant filled with zombie theme decorated, basically heaven on earth for fans like us.
zombie burger 1In addition to their downtown location, they also have restaurants in Ankeny, Coralville, and West Des Moines. They have a sit-down restaurant as well as a “fast-food” side of it which can answer to your late zombie craving. On their menus, they describe the restaurant as a “ fast food with a culinary edge” and “ Pairing fresh ingredients with expert preparation.”
The menu is very original as it looks like a newspaper at first sight. Indeed if you want you can read the news from The Village Newspapers with some zombie headlines like “Crawling toward improvement” or “ DMPD still searching for two undead attackers.” But when you turn it on the other side a whole new zombie world open to you.
Although we could not try all the food due to our small budget, I was able to drag my

zombie burger 3boyfriend so we could try as much food as possible.


We opted for the “Planet Terror” which was basically a burger with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, onion and ranch with a side of french fries because why not? Then we tried the “East village of the damned” burger, which had an interesting breaded mushroom and cheese croquette, fancy huh?
I got to say picking out what you are going to eat is the best part as they came up with really fun names for random food. The restaurant is also well known for their fun brain freeze shakes, which can all come with a shot of alcohol inside if desired.
In our case we are responsible drivers and decided not to go with a nonalcoholic Zombie Bride Wedding Cake shake that had vanilla ice cream and yellow cake mix inside, the zombie burger 2alcohol version would have had pinnacle cake vodka in it. Overall, the food was really good, and the decoration and atmosphere are really what adds to the whole experience but we asked our helper of the day, Dallas Mirabal, what he thought of it as a newly zombie fan.
“The theme definitely sounded interesting, I really like choosing between the large variety of burgers and shakes. I loved the zombie theme but the burgers tasted like any other burger restaurant to me,” Mirabal said.
So if you are a zombie lover and plan on going, just know that they also sell Zombie burger shirts, hats, stickers and more. And if you have some food allergy or preferences they also have food for people who may be vegetarian, vegan or intolerant to gluten and dairy. For more information go on www.zombieburgershakelab.com.

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