Equipping for disaster

Bleeding zombie target giveaway announced

ZombieGift.com has joined forces with the WoundedTargets.com to help promote their new line of bleeding zombie targets.the-ladies-bleeding-zombie-targets

The high quality corrugated shooting targets feature high reoslution images of zombies rigged with liquid packets that splatter and bleed when the targets are shot in the forehead, eyes or mouth. Two different styles of bleeding zombie targets are available: a “Guys” and a “Ladies” zombie target tri-pack.

These new zombie shooting targets launched in January 2014 and are suitable for firearms, throwing weapon and archery use.

To celebrate their new zombie shooting target line, WoundedTargets.com is giving away one zombie target prize pack consisting of a pair of target three packs to one lucky ZombieGift.com fan.

The zombie target giveaway is open to US residents only. The giveaway entry period is open until 3/22/2014. No purchase is necessary.  For complete details visit the official blog post at: http://www.zombiegift.com/zombie-blog/2014/03/07/bleeding…

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