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ExtremeDays.co.uk announces new Zombie Battle Training day

ExtremeDays.com announces their new zombie battle training experience day in a decommissioned nuclear bunker! Join others in learning zombie attack survival skills and battle the undead.

The new experience offered by ExtremeDays.com takes place in a cold war era nuclear bunker in the very heart of London. What 19941would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Learn the survival skills and receive weapons training in a top secret research facility.

What to expect expect from your time at the secret bunker? The day starts with a briefing from the specialized paramilitary group, the Undead Response Unit. This elite team will then rapidly train participants to the highest levels of combative expertise (which tends to rely on ability to kill zombies and not becoming their lunch). After that, the mission to escape the facility will begin.

Dan Jones, the Operations manager for Extremedays.com said, “This is the ultimate zombie experience set in one of the eeriest venues in the UK. A must-do activity”.

For more information on this special offer package and to find more like it, please visit the All Extreme Days Experiences on the Extremdays.com website.

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