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GameiMax launches Zombie Tongue Doctor

GameiMax has announced the launch of their newly developed kids game called “Zombie Tongue Doctor”. User can download it absolutely free from Play Store.

The Zombie Tongue Doctor was developed around a tongue surgery concept. In the game players, have to apply proper treatment tonguedoctoron a zombie’s grimy tongue. There are various tools available to accomplish the treatment. There are attractive graphics included in the game as well as different zombie sounds and expressions. It’s funny and addictive game for kids where they have to chance to become a doctor while getting some basic knowledge about medical treatment with surgery tools.

Features of Zombie Tongue Doctor:

Clean tongue with tongue cleaner and give shock treatment to zombie’s tongue.
Clean teeth with toothbrush and remove cavity from it.
Clean germs from tongue with germs cleaner.
Give medicine to zombie to get relief from pain.

“We always try to give something new to our game players and mainly our games are developed for kids, so we have to take care about kids’s requirement. Kids always love to play games, but also get bored by playing same type of games,” said Siddharth Panchl, founder of GameiMax. “We already developed games on the tongue surgery concept and it’s also become very popular. So, we tried to develop this game in different way: in this game the characters are zombies. We included many advance features inside the game to make this game more interesting and kids will learn some medical treatment in funny way.”

Download From: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameimax.monstertoungedoctor2

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