Equipping for disaster

Jeep Parts for the zombie apocalypse

8-jeep-parts-for-surviving-the-zombie-apocalypse4WD, a provider of aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories, has created a survival plan for the Jeep community that is also garnering interest from horror film buffs. “8 Jeep Parts for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” is being shared, liked, and commented on. The post dovetailed with the release of the action/horror movie World War Z starring Brad Pitt, which grossed nearly $100 million domestically in just one week.

“We’ve had a great response from the Jeep community to our infographic – zombies seem to really resonate with Jeepers,” said Kelly Young 4WD Website Manager. “Right now, there’s a huge thread on JEEPForum about the zombie apocalypse. 4WD isn’t necessarily saying there’s going to be an outbreak, just that off-roaders should be prepared with key parts because you never know.”

The 8 recommended Jeep parts are:

● Roof rack
● Bumper
● Winch
● Suspension
● Tires
● Trail axe
● Jerry gas can
● Hard top

“I’ve seen JKs outfitted with armor from Poison Spyder, Smittybilt, and GenRight Offroad,” said Landon List, Jeep/4WD New Products Manager. “The Jeep community is always thinking outside the box to prepare themselves if and when the zombie apocalypse happens.”

“In all seriousness, the off-roading community has always been an advocate for disaster preparedness, which includes making your rig into the ultimate bug out bag,” said List. “4WD was actually advocating Jeep preparedness kits before the CDC started using zombies as an allegory for natural disasters.”

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