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Vodka maker prepares for zombie apocalypse

65363_114808575340968_644616102_nThere are many in the prepper community who stockpile liquor to use as a bartering item when currencies fail. One distillery, however, is encouraging people to stock up so that the party doesn’t have to end at the end of the world.

Braided Oaks Spirits is the company behind Zombie Apocalypse Vodka, which it claims is both “The Official Vodka of the Zombie Apocalypse” and “The Official Spirit of The Apocalypse.”

Regardless of the claims, the beverage is an 80 proof neutral grain wheat spirit, that is grown, distilled and bottled in New York State. The company says Zombie Apocalypse Vodka is “A civilized response to the undead chaos of an apocalyptic world.”

Braided Oaks asks customers not to be fooled by the name or the persistent rumor that its vodka is distilled by the graveyard shift in a cemetery, at night, under the full moon. The company’s website says Zombie Apocalypse Vodka is a smooth drinking, ultra premium wheat Vodka that will satisfy even the most discerning spirits aficionado.
The company starts with white wheat; a strain legendary for producing the smoothest, softest vodkas. The wheat is field-sprouted which induces a natural malting of the grain, beginning the process of converting the wheat’s starch into sugar.

Wheat has a 60 percent extractable sugar content, making yeast very happy and busy in the mash tanks as they feast their way into transforming all that sweet sugar into alcohol; a task for which they give their little lives and for which we salute them with true gratitude and deep appreciation.
Through the distillation process the mash is heated and cooled; driving the alcohol into vapor and condensing it, over and over again, into purer and purer spirit. The purest of this then undergoes further cooling and filtering processes before blending it with the purest Finger Lakes Region water.

The beverage is currently only available in stores and restaurants in New York, but it can be ordered online at https://starwine.com/shop/product-info.php?pid3838.html

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