Equipping for disaster

Archery and the art of zombie hunting

Robin Hood. Legolas. Rambo. All three have proven that (in fiction at least) you don’t need a firearm to strike down an enemy at a distance. But what about surviving in the zombie apocalypse — would a bow be a good choice?

According to Scott Gingerich at http://www.yeoldearcheryshoppecom and Nate Myers at http://www.huntersbliss.com, a bow would be an excellent weapon. Both are archers with years of experience, but they say that with some practice, you could be a silent zombie slayer too.

Myers said novice archers are usually ready to hunt within three months of picking up a bow.

“That would put you proficient up to a range of about 40 to 50 yards,” he said.

Gingerich said in an emergency situation, someone could even be shown the basics for short distance shooting (I5 yards) in a day.

“Traditional archery is similar to learning how to throw a rock. You throw it too high, then too low, then you dial it in,” Gingerich said. “With a compound bow, it is more akin to shooting a rifle. Lining up the sights and pulling the trigger is an oversimplified example, but somewhat fitting.”

Among zombie enthusiasts there is often a lot of talk what sort of firearm would be best in a zombie apocalypse. For many, bigger is better, so a bow might seem underpowered by comparison. Gingerich and Myers agree, however, that an arrow is more than capable of punching through a zombie skull.

This article appears in its entirety in Zombie Apocalypse Monthly Issue 2 and can be downloaded for free here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/408784.

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