Zombie politics

Canadians ready for zombie apocalypse

Those familiar with the Max Brooks novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” might remember the passage where American refugees flee northward to Canada in hopes that the country’s harsh winter will freeze zombies in their tracks. It turns out that that the Canadian government is discussing just such an event.

In the House of Commons this week, Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre, commended the American Centers for Disease Control and the Canadian province of Quebec for putting in place emergency measures to deal with the possibility of a zombie plague.

“Zombies don’t recognize borders,” Martin said. “A zombie invasion in the United States could easily turn into a continent-wide pandemic if it’s not contained.”

Martin then addressed John Baird, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, to ask if he was working with his U.S. counterparts to develop a strategic plan for a zombie outbreak.

Baird said he could assure all Canadians that he was “dead-icated” to making sure the country was prepared for zombies.

“Under the leadership of this prime minister Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies, ever!” he exclaimed.

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