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The Top 10 zombie games of all time

By Dakota Cantwell

One of the most exciting experiences of video gaming is getting to start as the zombie survivor and passing by the usual mistakes that everyone usually makes in the situation wiser and faster than the movies always portray. Video games often allow for movie-level stories to be told while putting the player in the front seat, getting to put in their skill against the zombie infestation. Below is a list of the 10 best zombie games to experience.

10 Resident Evil 2 Remake – Introducing the lovable and fan favorite, Leon Kennedy, RE2 follows two different stories that intertwine in a survival horror video game packed with the Capcom action players have come to love. The RE2 remake builds on the story already created and updates both the graphics and previously frustrating controls. RE2 remake will have plenty to offer for multiple play through on this masterfully recrafted game.

9 Dead Rising – Spawning another highly-selling series for Capcom, Dead Rising gave birth to a wild ride of zany weapons and crowded zombie-filled areas. This game follows Frank West, a freelance photojournalist, who pursues a lead down a rabbit hole that finds him trapped deep within a mall filled with zombies. With access to all the stores and a variety of weapons that each one holds, Dead Rising gives plenty of entertainment for the retail hell survivors.

8 The Last of Us 2 – In a game that would divide the fan base, The Last of Us 2 continues its survivor-focused zombie-infested story to a conclusion that its creator, Neil Druckman, has planned from the beginning. Updating the mechanics and enhancing the gameplay, The Last of Us 2 adds to this gaming franchise in a tragically beautiful way as the infected survivor Ellie learns how far she’s willing to go to exact revenge on the people who wronged her most. Love it or Hate it, The Last of Us Two created a well-told story of the cost of revenge that will be remembered and debated for years to come. 

7 Dead Rising 2 – Bringing all of the fun mechanics from its predecessor and adding to the roster of wild weapons, Dead Rising 2 built on what Capcom started before. Leaving the story of photojournalist Frank West behind for a more heartfelt one, this sequel follows father and Motor-cross athlete Chuck Greene. Chuck has 72 hours to kill as many zombies as possible on a quest to save his currently infected daughter and escape alive. Building on the wild antics and improving the gameplay, Dead Rising 2 was definitely one of the better inclusions of the series. 

6 Dying Light – Following the parkour craze of the early 2000s, Dying Light adapted this love to zombie survival. The cardio rule is well included in this nonstop running game from 2015. This first person zombie survival game follows Kyle Crane on a secret mission as he murders zombies by day and flees the more aggressive volatiles by night. The gameplay allows for players to decide if their fight or flight instincts will take over at any time created a memorable entry for years to come.

5 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – In 2010 Rockstar Games created what would become synonymous with western action games. Later that same year, Red Dead Redemption would spawn one of the best zombie expansions in gaming history. John Marston, having recently reunited with his wife and sone, must now gunsling his way through the zombie-infested west to find a way to cure his family from their own bites. Undead Nightmare capitalized on the Walking Dead hype with the gunslinging action of its main game, giving players a chance to feel like Rick Grimes he woke up in 1911.

4 Days Gone – Motorcycles, zombies, and a campaign that runs longer than it seems, Days Gone has all you could want to live out your fantasies of being Daryl Dixon. Still, when first released, Days Gone was not well received by critics. Despite the poor reception from game critics, Days Gone gives a well rounded story with a solid performance from all of its voice acting talent. The game plays takes some getting used to at times, but once it’s mastered, you find yourself cruising down the abandoned highways looking for the next horde to take out.

3 Dead Space – “It’s pretty obvious when you play Dead Space, to look at it and go, ‘Yeah, it’s almost like they decided to make Resident Evil 4 in space,’ which is exactly what we were doing” Dead Space designer Ben Wanat told PC Gamer during an interview. Another game that created a strong desire to see a remake in modern gaming, Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror that finds Isaac Clarke solving puzzles and fighting off necromorphs set to end his life on the spaceship Ishimura. With plenty of story and strong gameplay, Dead Space earns its place in zombie gaming history.

2 Resident Evil 4 – Former Racoon City PD now turned favorite Secret Service Bad Boy, Leon Kennedy finds himself on a mission for the President of the United States to rescue the President’s daughter from a secluded cult. Creating what would come to be one of the most anticipated remakes in the modern gaming world, RE4 created something memorable and special with their every morphing zombie abominations. The remake is making waves already, but the classic will always be something special.

1 The Last of Us – Winner of Game of the Year, recently remade for the PS5 and now a hit show on HBO, The Last of Us has accolades of all kinds. It’s no surprise that it takes top spot on most list when it comes to top zombie games. Following the redemption arc of survivor Joel and hope for humanity Ellie, this fungal zombie survival game gives zombies a whole new heart breaking tale. A strong story and excellent game mechanics made this a game for the ages. 

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