zombie books

It’s not always easy being a ‘Middle School Zombie’

By Courtney Cole 

When individuals think of zombies, they rarely think of them in a school setting let alone sitting in a classroom, but author Zack Zombie makes it possible. 

Zack Zombie wrote Diary of a Middle School Zombie: No Zombie Left Behind because it related to him personally due to him having a preteen son. He also realized that when dealing with preteens, they usually feel like a zombie in the real world, finding it difficult to fit in or even to feel like that they can fit in.

Beyond that, when maturing and getting older an individual’s body begins to change and form into a full adult without a person’s permission and that change is pretty awkward for preteens at that age. Sometimes in different individuals’ eyes, the world can be pretty crazy sometimes. But at the end people just want to be accepted. 

Just like in the story, Zack wished he could have been a hero like the character Zack was within the story. And maybe people in real life would think of him as less weird. 

Zack chose a zombie as the main character due to in the story the zombie was being adopted by a human family. In Zack’s eyes this was the perfect opportunity to not pass up and write a story about it. 

Some may ask, what made Zack become an author in the first place? He and his son would always tell jokes which he always wanted to include in the book and that’s what he did. He started off writing his first funny kids stories and then next thing he knew he has written more than thirty books. 

He knew once he started writing he would not be able to stop. Zack never had thought writing was for him or even if he was capable of writing a book until he finally did it. 

As of right now Zack has taken a break from writing and taken his time to devote it more to helping people. He wants to help people more in person then just by using his writing and books, even though he knows it has helped many kids in many ways. Zack will probably return to writing in a few years since it was very rewarding and fun. 

“Remember, you are unique, and the only “you” the world will ever know, which makes you special. No matter what people say and do, never forget how special you really are,” Zack says.

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