What Zombies Can Tell Us about Ourselves: Baylor Professor and Author Talks about ‘Living with the Living Dead’

Quick, before it’s too late: May is Zombie Awareness Month — so it’s high time for people to prepare for a zombie pandemic. But that’s more than a heads-up for those who are passionate about zombies. Those who yawn at the notion of zombies also have reason to take notice, suggests pop culture critic Greg … Continue reading

New Book, “Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems” released

Frances Applequist’s Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems brings together vampires, werewolves, the US Marines, the militia and a powerful witch in a battle to save a town overrun by zombies. The fight begins eight-hundred years earlier with the brave child who became a willful adult, and then the powerful and seductive vampire leader. While … Continue reading

Writer resurrects zombie novel three decades after setting it aside

Originally conceived in the 1980’s, BARKERTON, from Day Rusk, explores the dark side of human nature and racism using the Zombie genre, while at the same time offering up the thrills, blood, gore and drama that fans have come to know and love. The DEAD have risen…and they’re as confused as the LIVING! Things had … Continue reading

New Year, new Zombie Tramp art

Fans of artist Bill McKay’s Zombie Tramp character got a treat this week when the comic book creator took to Twitter to preview some special artwork. McKay, who will be appearing at Wizard New Orleans this weekend, offered his followers a look at Zombie Tramp’s New Year’s Eve special edition. According to the tweet, the … Continue reading

Author attempts to reset the zombie genre

A plastic surgeon in Virginia is on a mission to rescue zombies from pop culture’s “walking dead” fantasy. “As I have said in other places,” Glenn Shepard says from his medical practice in Newport News, “zombies are people to be pitied rather than feared.” According to Shepard, being “undead” is the effect of mind-altering drugs … Continue reading

Dark Horse announces new Plants vs. Zombies comic title

Blooming out of the worldwide success—over one million copies sold!—of Plants vs. Zombies™: Lawnmageddon, Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse, and the new Plants vs. Zombies ongoing series comes a new comic masterpiece, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare! In the first Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare video game from Electronic Arts, Dr. Zomboss and his legions of zombie minions attacked the lush plant … Continue reading

Author Anton Volney releases a contemporary feminist novel about a teenaged witch who starts the zombie apocalypse

Last week, Midas Touch Writer LLC released a new zombie thriller novel on called Crazy for Jane by Anton Volney. The story follows Jane, a teen-aged witch who accidentally starts a zombie apocalypse after releasing a video love spell that goes viral. The spell makes millions of people obsessed with her to the point … Continue reading

Justified meets The Walking Dead?

What would happen if you crossed FX’s Justified with AMC’s The Walking Dead? It might look something like The Survivalist (Finest Hour), the newest addition to Dr. Arthur Bradley’s popular apocalyptic adventure series. Like other end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it novels, The Survivalist, follows survivors of a global pandemic. In this case, the Superpox-99 virus has wiped out nearly the … Continue reading

Unbound novelist offers fans a multimedia zombie experience

By Chris Post For many authors of zombie fiction the inspiration for their novels grows from hours spent watching every zombie film they can find. In the case of Byna Whitlock, it was a dream that inspired her to put words to paper. “I was a high school teacher at the time, and I had … Continue reading