Zombie films

Warm Bodies TV show in development

By Sevanny Campos

Viewers around the world were enamoured when a zombie version of Romeo and Juliet made its way to our screens in 2013. Now, Warm Bodies is looking to make a comeback  but instead of a sequel fans will get TV series.

Originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter,  the zombie rom-com is being turned into TV series produced by Lionsgate and Long Shot director Jonathan Levine. The series will be produced under Levine’s new television and film production company, Megamix.

The Warm Bodies television series will be the company’s first project.

This is an interesting time to produce a new show about zombies,  currently the genre is experiencing a bit of a slow down with the cancellation of Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet and there is a decline in viewership in The Walking Dead series.  Maybe this will be the kickstarter the genre needs. And what better way to gain an audience than a post-apocalyptic zombie love story.

The original 2013 film tells the story of a young zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) who falls in love with the blond and beautiful Julie (Teresa Palmer). Levine directed the original film, and looks to extend the love story by producing the television series. Warm Bodies is based on a book of the same title by Isaac Marion.

There is no date for when the TV series will begin production or when it will be released.

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