Equipping for disaster

Don’t go in the basement

By Jake Sepulveda

While it might be a safe location during disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and other major storms, basements often make better coffins that they do safe havens… especially during a Zombie outbreak or attack.

You might think that a concrete box with 12″ thick walls would be the perfect place to go in an apocalypse, but you’d be dead wrong. Although the walls of most basements and underground structures are capable of withstanding the constant clawing of undead hands and/or attacks by militant survivors, they offer little to no opportunity for long-term survival… even when fully stocked with tools, food, water, and other potentially life-saving supplies. With only one way in and out, poor lighting and low ventilation, basements are only effective for absolute last stands when you know you’ve already lost the war, but you want just one more battle.

The same goes for underground structures like parking garages, subways, and sewer tunnels. Though these subterranean hideaways often offer up more than one way in and out, they are frequently maze-like, poorly lit, and difficult to maneuver through. As far as we’re concerned, a survivor is better off on the main or upper floors of a building or even on the run, rather than in a basement or underground structure, cornered into what amounts to a giant sardine can.

So despite their thick walls, and potential stock of important supplies, it’s best to stay out of the basement for as long as you can… unless you like the idea of locking yourself away with no way out.

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