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DCeased: DC’s answer to Marvel Zombies

By Sevanny Campos

God bless superheroes and zombies, the perfect combination of all things that should be in a comic. Following the Walking Dead comic books, there was a fascination with zombies and 10 years later DC comics had finally hopped on the zombie train with DCeased.

The first issue was written by Tom Taylor who is responsible for the amazing comic Injustice: God’s Among Us and the current universe of Wolverine, All New Wolverine.

Injustice was an amazing story with amazing art, the same can be said for DCeased the cover art is incredible and beautifully detailed, which is expected by artist Greg Capullo.

The first issue sets the tone for an all new universe with Darkseid finding the Anti-Life Equation, which leads him to release a virus that turns its victims into zombies, this leads the heroes to come together  to defeat the undead and find a cure for the virus.

The series includes the current universe of Justice League heroes including Cyborg as a member of the league and not a Titan.

DCeased issue #1 is available at all comic book stores and digital platforms.

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