Equipping for disaster

New South Wales outlaws ‘zombie’ knives

Residents living in New South Wales, Australia, will have to find a new way to defend themselves in the apocalypse after government authorities announced the banning of so-called “zombie” knives.

The ban is set to go into effect at the end of February and the government is not even kidding. Residents of the state will have until Feb. 28 to turn in the blades, after which they face criminal prosecution and up to 14 years in jail.

Authorities define “zombie” knives as having multi-edge blades along with words or markings that indicate they can be used for violent purposes.

“These knives have the potential to cause significant harm to people if used in criminal activity, and there’s also a huge risk of accidents by those using them as props or toys,” NSW Police Minister Troy Grant said in statement, noting blades of this type have been used in serious crimes in other jurisdictions and are sold online in the state. “From February 28, it will be an offence to have unauthorized possession of, or to buy or sell one of these knives, without a proper permit.”

Grant indicated that residents who currently possess such blades can apply for a permit to keep them.

“But they’ll need a good reason for doing so,” Grant said.

“Zombie” knives are not the first weapons to be banned in the state. New South Wales also prohibits the sale and possession of flick, ballistic and star knives, knuckle-dusters and Tasers.

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