Equipping for disaster

In survival scenarios, a knife is a must

By Jake Sepulveda

Used for catching or prepping meals, crafting weapons and tools, performing minor medical procedures, cutting cord, and more, a good knife will always be there for you… as long as you keep it sharp, clean and equipped. With a good knife and a skilled set of hands, day to day life in a Zombie apocalypse just might be bearable… or at least a little easier than without one.

We recommend carrying a folding knife with a 3 – 3.5 inch blade and/or a full-tang 4-6″ fixed blade and nothing more for your everyday carry. These simple, easy to carry and fairly compact types of knives are less likely to frighten friends, family, co-workers and fellow survivors than a larger blade like the classic Bowie knife, kukri or jungle machete. This will allow you maintain more stealth and cause less panic in others during everyday survival and disaster situations… though sometimes you do want to scare the other guy.

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