Apocalypse healthcare

Running on empty: Don’t forget to fuel yourself

By Jake Sepulveda

Your body needs fuel to get going and accomplish anything, especially when you’re recovering from a disaster or you’ve got a hard day of work and Zombie survival ahead of you.

While it’s an age old adage, it still stands true; breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Having something to eat in the morning, even if it’s only a piece of toast, a few grubs, or an old can of chili you scavenged from the mini-mart down the street, is important for your extended survival. The nutrients and calories derived from even the smallest meal can be enough to get you up and get your body started…and hopefully keep you alive.

With all the running, Zombie bashing, building, crafting, and surviving that you will likely be doing after a Zombie outbreak or other major disaster, you’ll need to focus on fuel intake to keep yourself going, and you’ll need that little “pick me up” in the morning. So make sure to have a little snack before you head out into the world…or you might find yourself someone else’s breakfast.

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