The basics of disaster preparedness

Take a look around your home and you’ll see all the things that make life comfortable. Furniture, your phone, the television, the fridge. But what would you do in an emergency? What if there was no power? If your home was in the path of a tornado? If the dead began to rise from their … Continue reading

Fresh vegetables are a winter option

Growing vegetables in containers can be both fun and challenging. Surprisingly, most vegetables do very well in containers, but it is important to pay attention to light, temperature, soil media, rooting space, plant selection, watering, feeding and pests. Most gardeners grow plants in containers if they do not have enough space for a regular garden. … Continue reading

Calorie intake key to apocalypse survival

Something many people fail to consider when making their zombie apocalypse plans is that you can starve even when you’re eating. This happens when your caloric intake falls too far below what you are burning. Let’s say all the easily obtainable gasoline is gone and you’re forced to hike while you carry your world on … Continue reading