Equipping for disaster

Apocalypse fashion: choose function over style

By Jake Sepulveda

Lacking the proper protection from the elements and terrain is a great way to get yourself in serious trouble.

Protecting yourself from the elements and environments goes beyond simple shelter from rain and snow. Heatstroke and Sunburn can play just as deadly a role as hypothermia and frost bite can…not to mention Zombie bites and rough or rubble covered terrain.

Make sure that your clothing is appropriate for both the climate and situation that you’re in. This means that down jackets and wool pants aren’t the best choice for high heat areas, summer weather, and mid-day desert treks…and that a tank top and flip-flops shouldn’t be the go-to for winter weather, rocky terrain, and river crossing. And even though you might look cool in full-length Anti-Zombie armor or tactical gear, it might not serve your situation best.

When you put together your end of the world wardrobe, find an appropriate middle ground that allows ample protection from the elements, the Undead, and potentially dangerous terrain, while still allowing you freedom of movement.

As the seasons change, so does the weather, and so should the contents of your end of the world wardrobe. Actively adapting your kit and clothing to the local weather and surroundings will help keep you one step closer to survival.

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