Equipping for disaster

In it for the long haul

By Jake Sepulveda

Pace yourself. There is no point in exhausting yourself during a disaster situation…in fact, doing so could get you killed.

One of the best ways to keep yourself active and on the move is by taking short walking breaks between bursts of running. This Run Walk Run method can improve your speed, fortitude, distance, and overall recovery time…and that’s a good thing if you’re going to be on the run from Zombies.

It also helps to stay focused on the task at hand. That means if you’re running from something, don’t look back to see if it’s still chasing you, focus on getting away first…you can look back later. Pay attention to your heartbeat, focus on good deep breaths, and ignore the burning in your legs. Remember, Run Walk Run. If you practice pacing yourself and the Run Walk Run method, you’re likely to be at least one step ahead of the other guys…and that’s all you need…one step behind, one step closer to whatever is behind.

This isn’t to say that sprinting doesn’t have a place in Zombie escape, but when it comes down to it, your better off working on distance rather than speed.

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