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The Walking Dead 9×03 ‘Warning Signs’ Review

warning signs

By Kristian Smith

As the season starts to escalate, in this episode we see a number of confrontations. The groups are becoming divided, as a number of people are going missing. This is because people still can’t live with the fact the “Saviours” get to have this life and the innocent people that have died, don’t. It turns out that the members of Oceanside are taking matters into their own hands, realising they don’t have to listen to Ricks rules as Maggie has her own set after killing Gregory. Also, what is Anne up to and do we find out?

Justin’s Death

The opening scene before the credits is always something that catches the viewers eye, it needs to make us want to watch more and what to expect from this episode. We see that someone is being eaten by walkers in the middle of a grassy area, and after a little wait, we see Justin finally reanimate and become a walker confirming the death of his character. There are two things interesting about this scene, one we see a wound that wasn’t caused by a walker but by a weapon. This wound supports my theory in the previous episode of one of the Oceanside members using a harpoon at the logging site as well as showing Dianne from the Kingdom using a Bow & Arrow. The wound is a puncture, a quick and easy way to seriously hurt someone. Just like a crossbow, which we’ll get onto later in the episode.

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