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The Walking Dead 9×02 ‘The Bridge’ Review

By Kristian Smith

The first two episodes of each season being good has usually been a regular occurrence for The Walking Dead and this season isn’t any different. We see in this weeks episode all of the communities coming together to rebuild the bridge which will eventually open up trade routes to each community. Ricks end goal is for this bridge to be created more importantly for Carl and he is trying his hardest for everyone to pitch in and help.

Negan Catches Up

The one character everyone was itching to see in the first episode of the new season, is finally here making an appearance. Well, only slightly with lighting covering most of his face. Although we’re still able to see how bad Negan is suffering here, just like the many he tortured back at the Sanctuary. He is treated somewhat better than there though, he is fed regularly and is clearly provided with clean clothes other than his usual attire we’re used to.

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