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Honey everlasting: The multi-purpose sweet

By Jake Sepulveda

Great for sweetening up the bitter moments in your life, honey is also an immunity and energy booster, as well as a natural remedy for many ailments. This eternally shelf stable liquid gold is some of the best stuff to have around. Even though you’ve probably been sold on the bright yellow honey all your life, try the darker more amber honey instead. The general rule of thumb is that the darker the honey, the stronger it’s antibacterial and antioxidant power is.


Sweetener in Baking and Other Dishes – applied directly to a recipe or used as a condiment.
Antiseptic for Minor Wounds – Applied directly to a small clean wound, honey can act as an antibacterial and antiseptic solution.

Ease Coughing and Sore Throats – Either taken directly or added to tea, honey has been proven to be an effective relief for both sore throats and coughing.

Energy and Immunity Booster – A spoonful of honey is like an shot of energy drink. It’s  a safe, healthy way, to get some get up and go in the morning, or when Zombies are chasing you down the block.

Soothe dry skin – Applied directly and massaged into dry skin, honey can help.

Fight Pollen and Other Seasonal Allergies – While it is controversial whether or not it works, why not give it a try? Just have a spoonful of honey in the morning during allergy season, and it might save you from sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus pressure.

Remove Parasites – Honey mixed with vinegar and water can help remove stomach parasites, but you’ll have to drink ample amounts of the mixture for it to work.Treat Burns – Applied directly to a cleaned burn, honey can ease pain, reduce the risk of infection, and lessen swelling.

Grab a spoonful of the sweet stuff next time your wandering the wastelands and enjoy that liquid gold…but don’t let any infants eat pure honey, as it can cause botulism in their under developed immune and digestive systems.

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